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About Divine Family Care


Divine Family Care is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2012 in Melbourne Victoria. Through a holistic approach, Divine Family Care assists people with basic commodities such as foods and clothing and extends to emotional and psychological counselling about conjugal and family relationships including youths. 

Divine Family Care run food relief program to assist families and individuals in needs and give out free clothing to those in need. 


With Community Connect program that we run during Easter and Christmas period, Divine Family Care brings members of the community together by giving away many items to the public and share gifts to celebrate these two important events of the year in joyful atmosphere, bringing smile to people’s faces with the message of hope. 


With our motto “Caring for Humanity”, we are committed to offering our services to all individuals in need regardless of their religion, gender, culture, age, colour or nationality with no any form of discrimination.

Divine Family Care stand for equity, equality and fairness.

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