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Other activities

We promote healthy lifestyles amongst refugees, migrants and other vulnerable members of our society to improve their health 


Divine Family Care organizes youth activities such; as music, dance, drama and other sport games to build strong social network connect among the youth 


Divine Family Care is concerned with instability in families and marriages which usually lead to divorce or family violence. In response, we educate families and community members about negative implications of family violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. 

We partner with Divine Restoration Church to organize, couples’ programs such as workshops, debates, teachings, seminars and camp outing in order to stabilize marriages and strengthen relationships by creating warm, peaceful and loving environment.


Divine Family Care initiated “Community Connection” event which takes place twice a year (during Easter and Christmas periods), in order to enhance social connection. The event is open to all, as we get together to celebrate.

Children enjoy this festivity which is filled with various activities from jumping castle to swinging and so on. We offer BBQ and encourage interactions while promoting relaxation through music and different messages of hope from invited guests speakers.


The aim of these activities includes; to assist those in need, to build social interactions, networks, mutual trust and friendship. It also helps to eliminates barriers related to different cultural backgrounds, but improves confidence and bridges the gap between socioeconomic strata.

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